Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

That's right, the Doctor Who socks project is finally done! Well, except I still have to work some ends in.

Here are a couple of views of sock #2.
sock #2 -- top view

sock #2 -- side view

Here are the two socks side by side:
two socks, one vibe

And here they are pinned together and positioned to replicate how the scarf appears in this Tom Baker photo.
modelled on a bottle of club soda

I was originally going to use a papier-mache meerkat my mother gave me for christmas to model the sock/scarf above, but it turns out not to have the right diameter neck so I used a bottle of club soda and a guitar stand instead. But it's a pretty nice meerkat anyway so here it is:
Tags: doctor who, knitting
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