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open mike Wednesday

Chris and I are planning to have a short practice after work tomorrow (Wednesday November 1); then we're going to head over to Tazza for some open mike playing! So this is probably a good time to repost my offer:

If you come to an open mike to see me play, I will buy you a drink of your choice (alcoholic or not).

The Tazza open mike generally starts around quarter to 9 pm. I generally try to get one of the first slots. If desired, I can call people and let them know which slot I get, so that you can get there in time for my playing without getting exposed to too much of the open mike experience. (Although I think the quality of the Tazza open mike is generally pretty good, as these things go.)

In other music news: Due to a scheduling screw-up, Nick-a-Nees originally didn't have us booked for all of November. However, earlier this week one of their bands cancelled on them, so we will be playing a week from Thursday (so on November 9) after all.
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