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Knitting update

I see that the last time I posted about knitting projects I was working on was September 28, when I had just finished a knitted dolphin (or, possibly, some other sort of acquatic creature). I've been working on a bunch of stuff then. (People who keep track of my flickr account will already have seen all of this.)

First, I finished the lost hat project, which was a cable-intensive hat I started in 2005, set aside, and didn't find again until recently. I finished it up and apparently it fits Ezra OK, somewhat to my surprise. I don't have a picture of Ezra wearing it, unfortunately, but here it is perched on top of my cranium:

It's done.

(This pattern is from Teva Durham's Loop-d-Loop, by the way. There's also an asymmetrical cardigan pattern in there that I'm thinking of making for Harriet for HMas.)

Soon after that I made a hat for my father. Again, I don't have a picture of him wearing it, but here I am wearing it:


I got this pattern online for five bucks from this website: http://www.kathrynivy.com/patterns/premium/hawkeye/

Next I started a pattern which is not yet quite complete. It's a guitar strap for my guitar, based on a pattern from Knitty.

DCP_0625 DCP_0626

The knitting's all done, but as it is it is very stretchy and tends to curl inwards a lot, so I need to stitch on a backing. I will get around to it one of these days.

Next I wanted to make something for Ezra. I asked him to choose between a squid and a kiwi, and after saying 'Both!' I asked him again, and he picked the kiwi, so:

Knitted kiwi, front view. Knitted kiwi, top view. Arrrr! I think it's figured out how to reproduce!

I made this using a free pattern from Hannah Kiminsky.

But then I was kind of stuck, because I want to make the squid too. I've decided that I can do that give it to Ezra for HMas and that will be OK. Here's where I am with it so far:

The state of the squid

This is a $6 pattern from Hansi Singh, who has lots of other absolutely incredible patterns.

And now we have the hemlock ring blanket, which I started today:

Beginning of hemlock ring blanket

And that's about that.
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