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Well, that's about it

for Rabbit Hole Day for me. Hopefully my posts today kept your interest. If you haven't seen them yet but want to read them you're probably better off reading them off of http://www.livejournal.com/users/jwgh/2005/01/27/ since there they will be in chronological order, with the the oldest messages at the top, and that will probably make more sense than if you read them most recent to oldest.

I think that rabbit hole day has so far been very successful and I congratulate crisper for having the idea for it. I'm enjoying the other posts in this vein by folks on my friends list. Thanks to you all too!

If you want to read more posts by other people, a lot of people have linked to them in the tail end of the discussion in Crisper's original announcement. Also, I set up the rabbitholeday community for people to link to their posts in, although it doesn't really appear to catch on.

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