Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

current knitting project

Some of you may recall that plorkwort gave me a Doctor Who Pattern Book for HMas. Inspired by this gift and by an offhand comment she made I've decided to make her some Doctor Who socks, based on this Knitty pattern.

After a couple of false starts I've managed to complete the first eight inches, so here's a photo (with some accompanying material so you can see what I'm going for):

Doctor Who sock: the first eight inches

The yarn is mostly Plymouth Encore (75% acrylic, 25% wool), although for a couple of colors I went with good old Red Heart acrylic.

Incidentally, if my attempts to make these socks are actually successful I'll probably post some information on how I went about it in case anyone wants to replicate this odd little project. I'm relying on this website for scarf-based information (and I'm going with the original Season 12 version of the scarf for various reasons).
Tags: doctor who, knitting

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