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This probably only amuses me.

Yesterday morning I was helping to disassemble a building in Massachusetts. (Well, I was removing shingles from the building. Other, more competent people did things like removing rafters.)

I thought it would be nice to listen to something while doing this, so I brought along a portable radio and tuned it in to a local NPR station so I could listen to the morning news.

After the news, a new program came on in which various stage actors read short stories by various authors. I was not particularly attached to this, but it was something to listen to.

After a while of this, one of the other house-dismantlers came over and asked me if I minded if he changed the station. I said that was fine, and thought to myself, Well, fair enough, not everyone wants to listen to NPR all day.

So he went over to the radio and switched to a classical music station.
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