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An airport security story

manfire reminded me of a story about my brother in law.

He was flying from Des Moines, Iowa to the East Coast and back (I believe this was for a fellowship of some kind but I might not be remembering correctly). To keep him occupied on the flight, he had brought a cross-stitch project to work on (cross-stitch is sort of similar to embroidery), which meant that he also had a small pair of embroidery scissors.

Well, of course, you can't take scissors on an airplane these days, so they confiscated the scissors, but they told him that when he came back he could go to the security counter and reclaim them if he wanted.

After his return flight, he went to the security counter where he was greeted by a rude elderly woman. When he said that he had been told he could go there to reclaim his embroidery scissors, she demanded, Who told you that? After some discussion, she finally said, Fine! You can have a look, but you probably won't be able to find them. And she took him into the inner sanctum of the security counter, where he found a bunch of buckets overflowing with embroidery scissors and other small pointy objects! It was apparently a most impressive sight.

Fortunately, his scissors were fairly distinctive looking, so he was able to find and retrieve them. The end.

The reason I was reminded of this was that manfire linked to pictures of stuff confiscated at airports, which allows you to recreate my brother-in-law's awe-inspiring experience from your own home! Enjoy.
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