Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

On Monday as I was lugging my electronic piano out of my car and up the stairs to my apartment its case broke. Today I finally got around to repairing it.

Oh, no! The end of my electronic piano has fallen off!
Oh, no!
Observe the classy Ikea-like glued-together nature of the expensive particleboard case.
Inside the piano: view #1
Here's where the speakers are. This is one of the reasons why the piano is so heavy. (Lots of empty space in there, too, which is why it's so bulky, I guess.)
Inside the piano: view #2
Here's a side view of the keys.
Inside the piano: view #3
I tried pressing some of the keys down, but it doesn't make much of a visible difference.
Inside the piano: view #4
Nothing a few screws won't fix!
Screw the piano
Here's the Frankenpiano, ready for more punishment.
Tags: piano

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