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Last night I want to see the Superchief Trio CD release show, which I had a great time at. They played well, the audience was large and responsive (especially during the second set), and it was just a lot of fun. I picked up a copy of the CD, natch.

The band consists of Keith Munslow (who writes most of the original music) on piano and vocals, Pam Murray on trombone and vocals, and Johnny Cote on drums. They do a lot of New Orleans piano-style music. This kind of music is basically intended to be a lot of fun and to get people dancing.

Two or three of the songs that Keith had written were inspired by his nephews, and so I was inspired this morning to write a little New Orleans-style song about my own nephew (not that I would compare the song or the recording to the music I heard last night). Here it is. There are various self-deprecating things I could say about it right now, but I should probably get out of the habit of saying those sort of things. Anyway, I hope that those who download it enjoy it!

(It is also confirmation that Frankenpiano is fully functional again. Phew!)
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