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One school of thought is that as long as I'm up I should start working on my websites, fueled only by Ol' Dirty Bastard's cover of Sussudio (thanks djswifty and wfmufeed).

But I think sanity will prevail and I will go back to bed soon.

Incidentally, I went to see my friends Francis and Chris play at West Side Arts last night (tonight? what's the right word for 'eight hours ago' when it's 5 am?), which was a good time. I'd only previously seen Francis play bass, so it was neat to see him playing banjo and nylon-string guitar. Theoretically they each played a set, but it ended up being a little more fluid than that and each of them played on a few songs in the other's set. The sound was good.

It's a strange little space; it's not very wide but is comparatively deep, so the space mostly reminded me of being in an oddly truncated corridor. It's also used as (or by?) a church, so there were those sorts of benches you find in churches against the wall, plus a bunch of standalone plastic chairs. There were also lit candles all over the place (including the stage), which was nice but meant you had to be a little careful about where you put your jacket and such.

There was some sort of prayer service there that was supposed to go from 7:30 to 8 pm. However it ended up going until 8:30 pm instead, so I ended up hanging out outside for a while with Francis, plus a guy whose name I don't remember but who apparently has a show on Providence's public access cable channel, and Mary Bue. I hadn't met Mary before (although I had heard of her) so it was nice to meet her and fun to chat. I had heard that she had played some shows at Whole Foods, which seems like an odd venue for a singer-songwriter, so I asked her about that. One of the odd things about singing in a supermarket, apparently, is that many supermarkets have suggestion boxes and people will actually leave comments about you, both positive and negative, which is not the kind of feedback you typically get as a musician.

Anyway, West Side Arts was a nice little venue and I'll see if Chris thinks The Killdevils should do a show there sometime. (It might end up being a two guitar show, since I'm not convinced the stage is quite big enough to have both a piano and another instrumentalist at the same time. Or we could each do a set ... that might actually be a lot of fun. Well, we'll see.)

Looking at the West Side Arts webpage again, I see it fails to say where the place actually is. It's at 168 Broadway in Providence, right near the corner of Broadway and and Dean Street and next to the restaurant previously called 'Turtle Soup' and now named 'MoJoe's'. I think they have free music of some sort most Saturdays (although I think they said not next week).

It was also a nice place to knit, and I got a decent amount of knitting done.
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