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Killdevils update

I've updated both Chris Monti's website and the Killdevils website. Whew!

The big point of the Killdevils website update was to put up some new recordings -- the ones that were there were more than a year old. Fortunately we managed to record most of a set in January when we opened for Paul Geremia in Newport, and we finally managed to get coordinated enough to transfer them to mp3, etc. Here are direct links to the new recordings for those who are interested:

  1. Chatter
  2. Mighty Long Time (Miller)
    Haller: vocals, guitar / Monti: harmonica
  3. Chatter
  4. The Dire Wolf (Garcia/Hunter)
    Monti: vocals, guitar / Haller: backing vocals, guitar
  5. Folsom Prison Blues (Cash)
    Monti: vocals, guitar / Haller: slide guitar
  6. Chatter
  7. Mick McGuire (traditional)
    Haller: vocals, guitar / Monti: guitar
  8. Rider On The Rain (Newman)
    Monti: vocals, guitar / Haller: piano
  9. Chatter
  10. The Midnight Special (Ledbetter)
    Haller: vocals, piano / Monti: harmonica
  11. Chatter
  12. That'll Never Happen No More (McTell)
    Haller: vocals, guitar / Monti: guitar
  13. Big Road Blues (Johnson)
    Haller: vocals, guitar / Monti: slide guitar
  14. Chatter
  15. It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry (Dylan)
    Monti: vocals, guitar / Haller: piano
  16. Chatter
  17. Leaving Home (Leighton/Leighton/Shields)
    Haller: vocals, guitar / Monti: guitar
  18. Life by the Drop (Bramhall/Logan)
    Monti: vocals, guitar / Haller: piano
  19. Chatter
  20. Caldonia (incomplete) (Moore)
    Haller: vocals, piano / Monti: guitar

I should note that we are still playing every Monday from 8-9:20 pm at Billy Goodes at the corner of Marlborough and Farewell Streets in Newport.

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