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Dream posts

manfire posted a list of posts about dreams that he's made, with excerpts of highlights, and this inspires me to make up a similar list.

Hm ... here's a 1998 dream in which a bunch of people wanted me to help them maintain a LAN in their apartment building:

A guy lived in and owned a building which included a bunch of apartments. (It was laid out a little oddly--the building was one story tall, with the apartments all connected but sort of spread out over a relatively large area.) As a service to his tenants, he had set up a local-area network which they could use to share files, printers, play networked games, etc. Recently, he had been violently murdered and the murderer had not yet been found.

I was too busy to help them, which they did not react very positively to.

Another dream which took place in Italy and which may have Freudian overtones but I'll thank you to ignore them:

Once the wave had gone out again we discovered that the entire tower had been destroyed. Perhaps it was divine displeasure at the uses this site of holy intervention had been put to--rumor had it that it was one of the spots lovers often used for assignations.

Then there was this very disappointing fantasy dream, in which I dreamed of a life about 10% better than the one I actually had at the time:

I got up, had a small breakfast, and went out to wait for the bus. It arrived on time. I got to work refreshed and alert and feeling productive.

A nice dream I had when I worked in tech support and also for food services:

The week before I quit my snack bar job I had a dream where someone wanted me to help them put a piece of pita bread in a floppy drive.

Also, a dream where I remembered various superhero trivia which I verified was all correct after I woke up. (Sleep geek = me.) And the dream which centered on my toenails, and the incredibly dull dream where I dreamt I was lying in my bed looking at the ceiling, and the dream where Fozzie Bear talked about his divorce, and the dream where I saved the lives of both James Bond and Ray Charles, and of course the dream where Matt McIrvin danced around dressed like a baby singing about dietary iron.

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