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Movie night report

Last night, Tom Kraemer, Kibo, and muffyjo came by to watch movies. I had a good time, and I think everyone else did too!

The whole thing was a bit silly in that the movie night was originally intended to celebrate plorkwort's visiting of Boston and was held in Providence to make it more convenient for kerri9494 to attend. However, in the event, plorkwort was sick and couldn't make it and kerri9494 had previous plans. They were missed. (sanspoof and her husband were also going to come but had to bow out at the last minute, which was also too bad.)

I made rice and orange chicken for dinner. It came out quite well, if perhaps a bit spicy. While I was cooking dinner the others watched a couple of short films: George Lucas in Love and Ramen Baka Ichidai.

After that we watched Shaun of the Dead, which I had not seen previously. Tom brought it and I have to say it was pretty great.

Then it was time to watch a Kibo-provided movie. He had brought probably about twenty movies. After consulting with muffyjo Kibo decided that Battlefield Baseball was the right choice, which turned out to be very true. It's the story of a high school baseball team that competes with another baseball team composed of rejects from The Road Warrior. It's completely over the top and all of the characters die at least once.

Next we watched an illegal copy of the new Doctor Who episode (anoter first-time viewing for me). Kibo was fairly critical of it. I liked it fine. I think the pacing would have been better if it were closer to a full-length Doctor Who series (a three to six parter in other words). Anyway, I look forward to eventually seeing more episodes.

Next up was good old The Incredibles. I had seen this in the theater.

At this point it was about one in the morning or so, so the general idea was that it was about to go, but Kibo wanted me to see a little of The Starlost, a Canadian teevee series which is considered by some to be the worst television science fiction show ever, despite the involvement of Ursula K. LeGuin and Harlan Ellison. (Ellison has written about his horrible experiences writing for the show. He hated it so much that he removed his name from the credits, so the show now claims to have been written by 'Cordwainer Bird'.) We only watched a few minutes, but it was enough to see some truly horrible visual effects and a strange interlude where a bunch of guys in gold spandex confront the main characters, only to suddenly start worshipping one of them when they learn she is a woman. That's probably about as much of this show as I need to see.

It was a good bunch of movies and good company. Thanks to muffyjo and Kibo and Tom for coming, and regrets to plorkwort and kerri9494 and sanspoof that you couldn't make it; we'll have to do this again sometime when it is more convenient for all.
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