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Well, that was amusing.

The phone rang, so I muted the volume on my computer and answered it.

"Hello, is Jacob Haller there?"


"Hello, Jacob. I work for [some company]. Have you heard of us?"


"Oh, well, we specialize in getting websites to the top of search engine results. I've just been doing some research on your industry. Can I ask you some questions about your web site?"

"Wait -- what industry do you think I'm in?"

At this point there was a short, uncomfortable pause. Then he said, "Well, let me just look at your web page for a second."

I then heard him mumbling phrases from my mother's web page. After a little while, he hazarded, "It looks like you're in real estate?"

"Nope," I said.

"Oh, well, ..." he said, and went back to reading my mother's web page to himself.

After thirty seconds more of this I said, "Well, thanks for your time," and hung up.
Tags: snark, spam
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