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A story from four years ago

The other day I listened to a 78 record of Dinah Washington singing Big Long Slidin' Thing, and that (maybe combined with it being around tax time) reminded me of this little story, which I see I originally wrote up on April 13, 2000.
Today I went to the post office to mail off my tax returns.  As I was being assisted Butterbeans and Suzie's song "I Want A Hot Dog For My Roll" started playing over the PA system.  When the chorus started a woman in the next booth over snickered, at which point the postal employee assisting me looked over at her and said in a matter-of-fact manner:  "Those double-entendres will get you every time."
For those not familiar with the song, it contains bits of dialogue like the following:
Butterbeans: Now here's a dog that's long and lean.

Suzie: No, that's not the kind of dog I need!

Butterbeans: Now here's a dog that's short and fat.

Suzie: Well, I sure need something different from that!

Butterbeans: Now, where's your roll?

Suzie: Here's my roll.  Now where's your dog?

Butterbeans: Uh-uh!  That roll of yours could fit a half a hog!
While doing the vital research for this post, I happened across this strange Butterbeans & Suzie takeoff I wrote last year. It is very, very puzzling. I don't remember much about writing it, except I think I looked up the word 'couch' in a bunch of thesauruses. (Thesauri?)
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