Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

website follies

is the website of design firm Let's Goon Line or whatever it is. I'm not sure how they could have made their navigation system more annoying; not even RISD's is as bad, in my opinion.

The coup de grace is the 'Ambiance' option, which until you turn it off results in a throbbing hum playing constantly in the background while you try to figure out how to find anything on the website. My hat is off to you, crappy web designers! Also, I appreciate being welcomed to the 'LETS GO ONLINE DEVLOPMENT[sic] PORTFOLIO'.

I found out about these web designers because apparently they designed the website for America West and a Son E, which is the home of the worst music video ever (which is described by web cartoonist Jeffrey Rowland as 'like a for-real South Park song'). The singer used to be a stuntman on Star Trek, apparently.
Tags: music, snark

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