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A couple of small knitting projects

Here's a picture of a couple of small projects I've made this past week. (Each took two or three days to make.)

Two little projects

The item on the left is a little knit bag that I made out of some leftover Noro. I made it to hold some guitar accouterments: guitar picks, a slide, and a capo.

It was a bit of a stunt; normally I would do something like that on double-pointed needles, or I'd make a rectangle and sew it together (less likely), but in this case I make it on two needles using a slip-stitch method that I sort of improvised for no good reason.

I like how it came out, though, so I may make more if I can't think of anything better to knit.

On the right is a sort of knit basket that I started making basically so I would have something to work on at snbprov last week. It's made out of some recycled yarn that I got from spinningbee at a yarn swap; I'm not sure what it is made out of, but I think it's some sort of fancy wool.

It came out a little floppy and the bottom was not very flat so I decided to try to felt it in order to firm it up and make its flaws less distinctive. I think the yarn will felt up eventually but it looks like it will take a fair amount of processing to do it -- right now, after a fair number of washings, it's maybe half-felted at best.

The seven millions washings it's gone through already have sure washed out a lot of the dye, though!

Here's a picture of the basket (or whatever it is) from before it went in the washer.

Pre-felted basket

At this point I'm not sure what to try next, but I will probably come up with something by Thursday.
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