Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

word to the east side

Chris and I had practice tonight, and it went really well; some nights things just click and this was one of those nights. (Normally we would be playing at Billy Goode's on Mondays, but we've been bumped for a darts tournament. Actually, this is probably something that I should discuss with Chris this week. But anyway ...) This made me happy, because my day was not otherwise notably productive.

If it's nice and reasonably warm (which is a little questionable -- weather.com seems to think it will be around 50) then we may go do a little more street musicianing on Thayer Street on Wednesday evening.

(Mental note: if it looks like this is actually going to happen I should change my guitar strings before we head out.)

Further bulletins as events warrant!
Tags: killdevils

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