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As I often do, I went to the Trinity Brewhouse tonight to have a late dinner and catch some free live music.

I found a parking spot a couple of away from the Brewhouse. As I got out of my car and started to walk to the bar, a guy in his early twenties asked me if I knew how to get to CCRI. I didn't, which he appeared to be disappointed to learn. This made me a little more attentive to my surroundings than I usually do, as I thought I might see someone else who would be more likely to be able to tell this guy how to get where he was going.

As I passed by the Providence Public Library I noticed an overweight guy seemed to be leaving it, walking down the long concrete handicapped ramp. That's odd, I thought. Is the library actually open this late? 'Cause maybe the CCRI guy could ask there. Nah, this guy probably just works there and is going home for the night.

Then, suddenly, a guy in what appeared to be a jogging suit popped up from behind one of the concrete barriers and said, SIR! DROP THE BOOK! He then raised a gun and said, SIR! THIS IS THE POLICE! DROP THE BOOK! DROP IT OR I WILL NOT HESITATE TO SHOOT!

They both then proceeded down a side street, so I couldn't see what happened after that. I thought of following them, but quickly decided that this would not necessarily be the best thing for my health, so instead I continued on down the street.

So I dunno.
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