Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

Another day

Today I was experiencing the slightly melancholy post-party letdown, which can probably best be summed up as, "Last night my apartment was full of fun people and it was great, but now there is only me." I spent most of the day alternating in a reasonably mellow way between listening to NPR, knitting, doing dishes, and eating leftovers.

I talked to Chris fairly early in the day and we decided that it would be a good idea to go to Stone Soup in Pawtucket. The main act was a woman named Kim Trusty, who we didn't really know anything about, but the real attraction was the hoot, which is what Stone Soup calls their occasional open mike. Basically, before the main act, four people (the first four to sign up that evening) get to play a song. It's a nice opportunity, because there are usually a bunch of people there to see the main act, so you get to play for a lot of people who wouldn't otherwise hear you.

In the event, when we showed up there was only one slot free. I told Chris he should take it (which would make sense given that he is a professional musician whereas I am more of a dilettante, and he has a new album coming out soon), but he had us flip for it. Fortunately, he won, and so he signed up for the remaining slot, which was the second one. (I think he thinks I cheated, but I didn't.)

There were some really strange things at Stone Soup, some of which I am not sure I can describe here (but ask me if you want!), but none of which had much of an impact on my enjoyment of the evening. One of the notable ones was that at one poitn Kim Trusty decided that she didn't like sitting on the tall stool that had been provided for her and that she wanted to sit on a regular chair. An audience member got her one, but when she called to the soundman for assistance in adjusting the mikes he was nowhere to be found. It turned out that he was out in the parking lot listening to the Red Sox game on the radio in his car.

Kim Trusty was pretty good, but we decided to head out during the set break at 10:30. Although I was a little disappointed that I didn't get to play it was good to get out and listen to some music and going home I realized that I felt more energized than I had the rest of the day.

So I headed up to cgoldfish's party, which was small and mellow and pretty much just what I was looking for. My one regret is that I didn't bring my knitting. I did bring the rest of the marscapone cake, though, so I don't have to worry about eating that, which is a good thing.

Tomorrow morning I drive to Massachusetts where I will meet up with my sister and her family. Then we will all carpool to Schenectady where a big familial event is taking place celebrating both the birthday of one of my aunts and the return of my cousin Cristine from Iraq. Then I will return to Providence.

On Monday I will be tired.

Right now I will play stupid computer games for another twenty minutes or so, and then I will go to bed.

This entry is very long, considering that it isn't about anything much.
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