Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

Yesterday I finished knitting some slippers I've been working on recently, and today I finished felting them.

Here they are before I felted them. As you can see, they are a lot larger than my regular shoes. They would probably fit Ronald McDonald, though.
Knitted slippers, pre-felted

Here's a close-up of one of the prefelted slippers.
Pre-felted slipper

Below, the slippers have been put in a pillowcase and are being agitated in a washing machine.
The felting process: I

Every 5-10 minutes, the washer was stopped and the slippers were examined to see how they were coming along.
The felting process: II

The post-felted slippers are a much more reasonable size.
post-felted slippers

Revel in the felted slipper's fuzzy denseness!
post-felted slipper

The yarn I used was 'Naturally Tussock Aran 10 Ply', which is 55% [correction: 85%] New Zealand wool and 15% 'polyester effect yarn'.
Tags: knitting, slippers
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