Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

Graduation party gig wanted

I'm two bands these days, and it would be nice to get out and play some more, and it occurs to me that graduation time is coming up and people will be throwing parties. Parties at which they might want to have live music.


If you are throwing a graduation party and would like to have a band, or if you know someone who is, consider us! We will provide all sound equipment if necessary.

The musical menu:

  1. Third Story Congress a.k.a. The Dance Band. A four-piece electric band that plays rock and soul music scientifically formulated to get people moving! If you would like to hear recordings of us, email me at livejournal@jwgh.org and I should be able to get you something.
  2. The Killdevils. A two-person blues band (acoustic guitar and piano). We play originals and covers, blues, and an eclectic mixture of other music that we think is good. Recordings from a live show can be found here.
  3. Chris Monti. The solo artist playing the good music on acoustic guitar and harmonica. There are some recordings on his website but they are mostly with a band; if you want to hear recordings of him by himself email me at livejournal@jwgh.org and I will try to dig something up.

As far as pay goes: Ideally we would get $100 per band member, especially if there's a cover charge for the party, although if there are special circumstances this could be reduced.


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