Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

Goin' walking on the East Side

I had my checkup today and was told that I should get a half hour of exercise five or six days a week. I had planned to use my exercise bike because it would be convenient and would mean that I didn't have to leave my apartment, but according to my doctor that's a bad choice for me for exactly those reasons and a better plan would be to walk.

So that's what I'm gonna do.

Tonight at knitdrinkprov a couple of people expressed interest in also going walking, so here is the plan:

Tomorrow (Wednesday) we will meet as soon after 6 pm as is practical (I get off work at six, but maybe I can sneak out a few minutes early?) outside Reflections at the corner of Governor and Wickendon (chosen because I think everyone knows where it is and it's reasonably convenient to most people, I think). Then we'll walk for around a half hour around the hood. Then I'll go home, take a quick shower, and go to music practice.

If you comment here (or AIM me at jwgh or call me if you have my number) then I will make sure that we wait for you before we start walking. So far I know cgoldfish is going.

Tomorrow is the start of a new era! I hope.
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