Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

they know where you live

Let's see, where to start?

Last week, after I got my new powerbook, I ordered a couple of pieces of software from Apple: a copy of iWork (their new office suite) and a copy of the latest version of Mac OS X (which is named Tiger). Apple sent them to me in two separate shipments, one via UPS and one via the United States Postal Service. Of the two, I was much more anxious go get Tiger. Rawr!

So I kept my eye on the UPS tracking and yesterday I noticed that UPS claimed that the package they were delivering had been delivered. To someone named José. But I hadn't gotten my copy of Tiger! What gives?

I called up UPS and explained the situation, and that there was nobody named José in my house, and that I hadn't asked any of my neighbors whether they had received the package. The woman I spoke to told me that they would check into some things and someone would call me after about an hour. As I thanked her and hung up, I had the sudden, sharp realization that I was an idiot.

Because, you see, earlier that day someone had rung my doorbell. When I answered the door, a Hispanic gentleman was there with a package. He explained apologetically that it had been incorrectly delivered to his apartment and his son had opened it before they had realized the mistake. Inside the package was the copy of iWork I had ordered.

And come to think of it, the Tiger package was the one that had been shipped via USPS and had nothing to do with UPS at all.


When UPS called me back an hour later I told them that the person the package had been mistakenly delivered to had come by and given it to me and so I was all set. The person I talked to asked me a bunch of questions regarding how difficult it was to find my house (it's right on the street, the house number is pretty visible, and I've gotten a bunch of packages delivered without incident in the past, so the answer is not very) and said they would talk to the driver.

Today I was walking from my apartment to the corner store, a trip which involves crossing a one-way street which is at a strange angle to the street I live on, and I noticed a UPS truck driving down my street. When I came in view it changed direction to intercept me and it seemed like it accellerated a little. "What the hell?" I thought and scampered to the side of the road. The UPS truck pulled over and for a moment I thought, "Oh, maybe it's my Tiger package! Wait, no, that's stupid."

The driver leaned out, grinned at me, and shouted, "Hi! I just wanted to apologize for yesterday! I just had a lot of things on my mind! Sorry for the mistake!"

I shouted back, "Oh, thanks! Well, it all worked out, anyway!" and he drove off.

So that was reassuring.

(Alas, there is still no sign of my copy of Tiger.)
Tags: customer service

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