Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

minor birthday celebratedness

I turn 33 on Friday, so partly to celebrate (but mostly to go see a really fun and good band) I'm thinking that the following day, Saturday May 28, I will try to round up some folks to go to Jake's Bar & Grille (373 Richmond Street, roughly the corner of Richmond and Point Streets) to see the Superchief Trio play. (It says on the website 'with the Cobramatics', but I'm not sure if one is opening for the other or what.)

I have some folks coming to town for reunion (Brown's commencement ceremonies are also that weekend) so I am not sure exactly what my schedule will be, but I'm thinking I'd like to get to Jake's around 8 to have some dinner first. (The graduation crowd might also make things pretty nutty in terms of getting seats and such, but I hope not.)

I think drunken knitting is also at Jake's this week so I'll try to remember to find out then if they take reservations or not (and I'll post when I find out). If they do then I might try to get a headcount; otherwise, I guess if it sounds fun then just show up!

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