Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

walking, yes indeed

This week in walking:

Today: I'll park up by Reflections (at Wickendon and Governor streets) around 6:30 or so and walk to Jake's and back.

Wednesday: No plans yet. Maybe stroll around downtown?

Thursday: After work (6 pm or so) I'll drive up to Reflections, wander around for a while, then return to Reflections for SNB. (I'll have to leave SNB early, around 8:15 pm, to go to band practice.)

Friday and the weekend: This is Brown's commencement weekend, so some friends will be coming to town for reunion. I will try to figure out when they're showing up and what my schedule is today hopefully.

I think I've been keeping to the 5-6 days of walking for a half hour per week schedule that was recommended to me by the doctor. In less encouraging news, last night was the first day that I failed to go on a walk out of sheer lameness; I should really try to avoid just taking days off for the hell of it.

Anyway, if anyone wants to walk with me this week let me know.

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