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Notes on visiting my mother

I went to Worcester to visit my mother this weekend and to go to the Worcester Arts street festival (which unfortunately was abbreviated to WART, though to make the acronym a little less obvious they rotated the W 90 degrees, so it looked sort of like this: ΣART).

My mother recently went on the Atkins diet, so when I left she gave me all the carbohydrate-rich food she hadn't gotten rid of yet -- mostly pasta but also some croutons, cookies, and a frozen apple pie. Score!

Also, I gave her a copy of the Interrobang Cartel CD, and much to my surprise she liked it.

Also also, we agreed that we would record 'Home on the Range' as a duet (I'm trying to put together a CD of music for my sister and her husband's as-yet unborn baby -- she's due in early October). I'm supposed to record and send her a tape of my guitar part and singing so she can practice.

The weather was really nice all weekend, too.

When I got home I learned from mmcirvin that my attempts to make the web page I created for the first Interrobang Cartel CD the first page linked to when someone does a Google search for 'Needs More Wanger' has at last born fruit!

So, all around, this weekend gets a thumbs up.

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