Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

Damn you, Monaco!

One of the things that I have been thinking about regarding the dance band is that when we play at AS220 we will have to perform all original material (I assume that policy will still be in place), and almost all of our original material is written and performed by Chris (the exception being a song I wrote for my nephew Ezra in February).

So I've been thinking about writing more songs; kind of difficult. The other week I was listening through some stuff I recorded and I thought that Interests Are Stupid might have some dance band possibilities, although I wasn't sure whether we would actually want to do it or not. So I emailed the link around to the other members of the band and asked what they thought.

Some time passed, and after a week or so Chris sent me a note about something unrelated which included this:
Also, on the orrig JH song you asked about last week: Musically I like it and I think we could do some interesting thing. Lyrically I think its kind of thin. I rarely feel that joke lyrics hold up to repeated listenings. This week I told the same jar-of-jellybeans joke 4 times 4 different people. It was not funny after the second time, because it wasn't funny to me and I couldn't put my heart into it. That being said, if you want to stand by the lyric and you want to do the song, its OK with me.
...which is reasonable and fair enough. However, the font I use to read my email (Monaco) has the unfortunate feature that lowercase 'a's and 'o's look pretty similar, so where Chris had written 'I rarely feel that joke lyrics hold up to repeated listenings' I thought he had written 'I rarely feel that jake lyrics hold up to repeated listenings'. 'Ow! The sting of honest criticism!' I thought.

Anyway, I was relieved today when I reread the email and discovered what it actually said.

The end.
Tags: dance band, self-analysis, songwriting

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