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Saturday music!

Each of my two bands is playing this coming Saturday (June 18):
  • The Killdevils are playing at Main Street Music at 165 Main Street in East Greenwich from 11 to 1 pm. The first hour we plan to play solo, then other people can sit in if desired. With a bit of luck my friend Rachel Ede (who will be visiting) will come along and bring her fiddle.
  • Third Story Congress (aka the dance band) just got a last minute gig playing at the Blackstone in Cumberland. We will get the show started at 9 pm, and two other bands (Private Tremendous, a band which shares a drummer with us, and Uncle Everett, which I don't know much about) will also be playing.
I hope some of you can make it to one show or the other, but if you can't, wish us luck!
Tags: dance band, killdevils

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