Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

brain malfunctions

At band practice tonight (when I could have been bowling with knitdrinkprov! arrrr!) we were going over a new song which had a section in stop time.

So I was talking about what was supposed to be happening in the stop time section, except I kept accidentally saying 'stop sign' instead of 'stop time', which totally confused Ed the drummer.

He asked for explanation and I realized my mistake and said, 'Sorry, in the stop time section ...'

He said, 'Oh, stop time! I thought you said stop sign.'

I said, "That's because I did stay sop stine.' Which should have been a joke, but actually my brain was temporarily out of order.

The end.

Also, apparently I'm a jerk. I guess that isn't a big surprise. [Not a request for intervention or anything, particularly since it seems to be resolved, but I thought the whole interaction was interesting.]
Tags: brain no work, dance band
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