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OK, here is some stuff

WFMU's station manager Ken posted links to a few Ten Commandments-related MP3s earlier today to commemorate the US Supreme Court's decisions regarding the use of the Ten Commandments in public spaces.

One of the odder ones is Charlie the Hamster Sings the Ten Commandments. It's kind of excruciating and long, but if you ever wanted to know what a singing hamster has to say about adultery I guess this mp3 is for you.

Before that Ken posted a little ode to the glass harmonica which included a link to a recording of a street musician playing Stairway to Heaven on one.

Finally, a non-audio thing that might have some actual merit: I told cgoldfish a story about Jimmy Stewart at lunch today, so I thought I would link to the story as I posted it last January in case anyone who's started reading my livejournal since then wants to check it out.
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