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A few other weekend notes

Most people opted to come up Sunday because the Saturday weather looked like it might be a bit dire. As it turned out it didn't rain much on Saturday and it was cooler then than on Sunday, when walking around in Brimfield led to the frequent observation that, man, it was pretty warm, all right.

I think it's helpful at these kinds of things to have something specific you're looking for, even if you're not sure you'll actually buy it if you find it; it keeps me a little more focused and I don't get as overwhelmed as quickly. In this case I was keeping an eye out for strange musical instruments, which I didn't really find any, but the main event was cgoldfish's quest to find tin robots. She said that she didn't really expect to find any, but on Sunday, about twenty seconds before I was going to say "Let's look at one more booth and head out," she spotted five in a booth. They were, fortunately, reproductions (and hence affordable); the booth owner talked to us about the robots and their history and did a little waddling walk to demonstrate what they look like when they're walking, which was pretty awesome. So Carrie bought a blue robot that sparked and I got the red number previously posted about. (I liked its expression.) On the box it warns: 'FOR COLLECTORS ONLY. NOT SAFE FOR CHILDREN', which I think is a sign of a quality toy.

I was hoping that a bunch of the knitters would get to meet my sister and her family, but it didn't work out that way (although cgoldfish did), as my sister ended up going to Providence Sunday morning to meet a couple of friends from college.

I think I ended up playing three games of Trivial Pursuit, but it might have been four. I won the first game but lost the others; my friend Craig won both of the games he played, so he is Trivial Pursuit Champion ... at least until next time.

Anyway, it was a good weekend, and I think I might try getting Providence folks back out to Holland (for lake stuff and barbecue) in August sometime if they are up for the idea.
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