Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

Chris Monti album release party Monday, July 18

A week from today my friend Chris Monti is going to have a release party for his second CD at Tazza Caffe (250 Westminster Street downtown). The exact lineup is still in flux, but the schedule should look something like this:

7 pm: The Killdevils (me and Chris), possibly with special guests, play for a set.

8 pm: Chris Monti plays a solo set.

9 pm: Third Story Congress (the band that played at Katy & Carrie's) plays a couple of sets, with a half-hour of hip-hop at the end of the first set.

I hope a lot of people can come!

There is a $6 cover, however if you let me know that you'll be coming (commenting here is probably simplest) then I'll make a list and give it to the doorman so you can get in free. (I have checked to make sure this will work.)

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