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Jake-centric AS220 fest news

As I think most of my Providence-area friends know, Saturday is AS220's 20th anniversary festival. Which will be awesome. It's even free!

What not everyone might know is that my band is supposed to be performing in it.

We're backing up hip-hop artist Mr. Bodega, so where you see him on the schedule you will also see us play.

We're scheduled to play at 11:45 pm inside AS220. This is 15 minutes before Mahi Mahi is supposed to play on the main stage, which is a bit unfortunate since everyone loves Mahi Mahi, but I figure that y'all can come inside, check us out for a couple of songs, and then either stick around or head over to Mahi Mahi depending on how things are looking; I won't be insulted!

I think I'm going to be at 20 fest all day (it starts at 1 pm), and I will definitely go to see Erin McKeown at 5:30, so I hopefully will run into many of you ...

Also, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that peachcrush and restartsmyheart will have a booth where you can buy items that they have crafted, and that there will also be a booth somewhere where you can buy CDs and other merchandise, which will be your first opportunity to buy Chris Monti's new album.
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