Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

What's happening tomorrow (Monday July 18)

As previously noted, Chris Monti's album release party is tomorrow (Monday July 18). (The official announcement is here.) It is at Tazza at 250 Westminster Street downtown.

The music will start at 7 pm with Chris Turner and his wife Rachel. (Chris is a really amazing harmonica player who used to play Wednesday nights at Trinity Brewhouse; he's really excellent.)

At 8 pm Chris Monti will do a solo set for about 45 minutes.

Then at 9 pm (Correction: 9:30 pm) Third Story Congress ('the dance band') will play for a couple of sets. (I think the first set will be about 45 minutes of rock & roll, then maybe a half hour of hip-hop with Mr. Bodega, and then the second set will be all rock & roll.)

There is a $5 cover. If you want to come but don't want to pay the cover comment; I'll arrange things with Tazza so you will get in free. I think that the following people have expressed interest, but if I've gotten it wrong let me know:

saucypunk & Brian
christychristy & Dennis (may not be able to make it)

I'm going to go over there at 5 pm, so let me know before then.

I hope to see you there! I think it will be a very fun night. I will bring my knitting.

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