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Four reasons to go to Chris Monti's album release party at Tazza tonight

- Our outfits will probably be at least as coordinated as they were on Saturday!

- You can buy Chris's new CD and contribute to the 'Fix Chris Monti's Car' fund!

- We'll probably play Ezra's Song (aka 'No Naked Babies')!

- I will be wearing black socks and a belt. Black socks and a belt! Can you even imagine? (Also, a teeshirt and pants and a hat and such.)

Here's a little notice Chris sent out this morning:
Mornin Everyone,

This is a last reminder of my CD release party tonight (monday 7/18/5) at Tazza. TAZZA IS AIR-CONDITIONED! (I figure that‚s worth mentioning) and Tazza is a full service bar, with a light dinner menu, and coffee. There are directions below.

Chris and Rachel Turner, playing a set of traditional music on fiddle and harmonica, start at 7pm

I'll play a solo acoustic set from 8 to 8:45

The rock and roll band and I (Third Story Congress) hit the stage at 9:30 and will play till late

Dropping any pretence of modesty, I will say I think this will be a great show. Chris and Rachel are fantastic and Third Story Congress sounds pretty darn good these days, if I may say so myself.



ps Please pass the word on to anyone who might be interested

directions to Tazza

tazza is located at the corner of Westminster St. and Union St. in downtown Providence.

From the East Side:
Take Angel St. to bottom of college hill
Make Left on Memorial Blvd
Make Right on Westminster St.
Continue to 250 Westminster (on your left).

From 95 North:
Take Memorial Blvd. exit, exit #22 A
Continue on Memorial Blvd. as it curves to the right
Make a Right onto Westminster St.
Continue to 250 Westminster (on your left).
I hope you can make it!

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