Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

Email #2

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I called your 800 number this morning around 7:00 am or so and was pleased to be informed that my baggage had been found and picked up by a delivery company, and that I could expect it to be delivered within four to six hours.

I called back around 8:00 am and was a little bemused to find that the estimated time until I could expect to see my baggage was still four to six hours.

And most recently I called around 1:30 pm and the estimate was still four to six hours, although at that point I wasn't really surprised.

So I guess me questions are, four to six hours from when, and is there a way I can call the delivery company myself to find out where the baggage is and when I can expect it?

Jacob Haller
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'4-6 hours' is a time period which now has special meaning to me.
Tags: customer service, lost luggage, rant

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