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My work environment

I work from home, and was asked to write a few paragraphs and take a few pictures for the employee newsletter of my employer. Being a firm believer in the recycling of text, I include a mildly altered version of the text here.

I live in Providence, the capital of Rhode Island. I have a wireless network and a laptop, so I have a fair amount of flexibility in where I work; during the summer this tends to be my bedroom, which is the only room in my apartment that has air conditioning. Right now I work in my living room most days.

I use a titanium powerbook running Mac OS X as my primary work machine, which allows me to use the same computer at home as I do when I travel to the company's American headquarters in Maryland. This is very convenient. (When I first started to work for L-Soft three years ago I only had an iMac, but I quickly decided that a laptop was going to be necessary given the amount of travelling I did at that time.)

(The above picture probably also gives a good idea of the general level of clutter around my apartment.)

One recent investment I've made is in some new phones, as the old phone was getting increasingly poor reception and I often didn't hear it ring if I was in a different room. The new phones have been working out quite well.

I live in the Elmwood neighborhood of Providence. It's not a great neighborhood, but there are lots of neat-looking Victorian houses and churches around, and the amount of new construction and renovation makes me hope that it's on its way back up.

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