Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

Latest update

I'm home and so is my luggage.

The guitar is intact, but I notice that the battery for the piezo pickup has been shaken loose and is rattling around inside the guitar, although the wires connecting it to the pickup are still intact and I think everything still works.

I think this will be easy to fix. I will deal with this later. US Airlines will be paying for this, yes.

I loaned Chris my car while I was gone, and it is not in my parking space, so I am guessing it is at his house. I will walk over and retrieve it shortly.

The events of the past five days have put me in a foul mood, so that things that otherwise would not faze me much can really set me off. This should start to improve now that I am home and once I get my car. I'm particularly anticipating lunch with cgoldfish. Let the healing begin!

Update: Lunch with Carrie was delightful, and Chris told me how to fix my guitar myself, which was very easy and quick.
Tags: lost luggage

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