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absentmindedness pays off

As I was driving home from Massachusetts today I realized that I had left behind my knitting bag, which contains two completed projects (the bunny and the hat), my unfinished knitting project (the baby sweater), and most of my recently acquired reading material, and my cellphone. All of which is unfortunate, especially the baby sweater part.

I was thinking I would have to drive back up tonight and probably back down again tomorrow at some point, but when I called my father and his wife to make sure that the bag was in fact there as I thought they suggested that instead they come down for dinner on Tuesday and bring the bag with them.

So I get to have dinner with my dad and stepmother Tuesday, which I wouldn't have done if I had been more together. Sweet!

The weekend was quite pleasant -- I went swimming twice yesterday, did some nice hanging out with family and friends, got a bunch of knitting done (including completing the two projects mentioned above), played some trivial pursuit, had some decent Thai food, and bought some yarn (which I didn't think I needed, but now I might actually do something with it soon since I left my other stuff in Massachusetts!)

I will have to go back again soon. (But I'm glad that 'soon' doesn't mean 'tonight'.)

I think I might go take a nap now.
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