Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

track marks on my elbow where your sweet head used to rest

In case anyone was curious, and also to gratuitously gross everyone out, I decided to take a picture of my interior right elbow, or whatever the right terminology is for the part of the arm that medical people typically draw blood from.

There isn't nearly as much bruising as I expected, but it's still kind of gross, so beware!

Giving blood: the aftermath

The two most noticeable bruises were inflicted before the tech actually put the needle in, I think; he marked those two spots as possible places to put the needle. The top one is where he actually ended up putting it, and you can see some bruising spreading out to the right. Not pleasant, but I've had a lot more bruising, and in much more interesting colors, after giving blood in the past. My arm is still pretty sore, though.

I guess maybe the Red Cross shouldn't hire me as a spokesman, eh?

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