Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

cgoldfish birthday planning

Carrie's birthday this year is Friday September 9. I imagine she'll be posting a couple of public announcements closer to the date, but I wanted to do a little private planning. (This is posted so that Carrie can't read it.)

The overall plan is simple enough: Friday evening there will be a party in the courtyard of Carrie's apartment building (this is where the pie party was earlier this year). Do we want to do something special, and if so what? christychristy suggested that it would be neat if attendees could bring bits and pieces to make a (decorative) robot for Carrie's apartment. This seems awesome but might be tricky to put into practice. Does anyone have any thoughts? (One possibility, also thought of by Christy, is to get a little mannequin from the mannequin store, cover it in papier mache, and then paint it or attach items to it.)

The following day, Saturday, September 10 the plan is to go mini-golfing, probably in the afternoon. Carrie's favorite mini golf place is in Attleboro someplace; she couldn't remember its name but that will be figured out by the day itself.

Feel free to tell other people about this, and I'll see you around.
Tags: robots

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