Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

getting up to date

It's been a busy couple of weeks! Let's see.

Last week, urbeatle came to Boston and lots of fun stuff resulted. A week ago Tuesday we had lunch at the Nordstrom café with kerri9494 and TomK, then on Friday we visited a bunch of gaming stores in Boston with Kibo and then played various games in the evening, and on Saturday a bunch of folks watched bad movies into the wee hours.

On Monday urbeatle, Kibo, and Tom came down to Providence and engaged in music recording. Sometime early this week I will try to get the resulting recordings to urbeatle (and maybe other interested people?) and later on I will try to make an actual composition of my own out of them.

Tuesday found a bunch of people hanging out at cgoldfish, including donutgirl, who was there to drop off her guinea pig Goofus, who was a big hit with all, especially Roxie Cat.

Wednesday and Thursday were knitting events, then on Friday I took the day off of work and went to Massachusetts to visit with my father, his wife, and my sister's family, which was very pleasant.

Saturday cgoldfish, christychristy, and Dennis came to Holland for the day, and I discovered that the directions I provided were not as good as I had thought, and also that not everyone thought that the 90s edition of Trivial Pursuit was as easy as I did. It was a little too cool for swimming, but it was a nice day for relaxing, and I think everyone had a nice time.

Sunday morning I drove up to Maine, where I joined my mother, her boyfriend, and my sister and her family, plus a bunch of friends of my mother's. It was a lot of driving but a nice couple of days. My nephew Ezra, who turns two on October 13, is becoming a bit of a handful, but, man, cute.

Went to a yarn store where I picked up some stuff that might get used for the stuffed robot project, plus some safety pins and buttons for the sweater, plus a skein of yarn for saucypunk, which she may or may not like but which was on sale and has a cool brand name ('Baby Monkey').

Today I drove back home and got in around 10:30 or so, I think.

The baby sweater for Ed the drummer's son is almost done -- all the knitting is complete and I just have to finish sewing it together and attach the buttons. Hopefully this will be done tomorrow, and if not then then at drunken knitting, whenever that is this week. Next up: stuffed robot for Ezra.

Speaking of which, finished writing a song about robots for Saturday's show -- now just have to arrange and learn it. ('Just' is a great word.) Also am thinking about trying to learn an Avril Lavigne song. I also need to come up with a poster very soon, which shouldn't be hard.

While doing laundry after returning home one of the breakers went, so now my bedroom has no power. I'll use my cellphone as an alarm clock (as soon as it's charged up, which it isn't yet, quite) and hopefully my landlord will take care of things in the morning. Lack of AC/fans is a bit distressing. I should remember to keep a flashlight somewhere where I will actually be able to find it for next time.

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