Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

Papier mache robot: friend to children

I have received some indications that people aren't quite sure what I am talking about regarding the 'assemble-a-robot-at-cgoldfish's-party' idea, so I thought I would talk about it a little more.

Here is a picture of Mr. Papier-Mache Boxhead Robot as he currently is:


Ignore for the moment that I need to slap a lot more papier mache onto him and paint him silver (which is the current plan); just look at him. Isn't he missing a little something? Shouldn't he have eyes? Perhaps an interesting arrangement of gears or lights on his chest? Some interesting-looking wires or pipes or something going down the side of his little cubical head? Circuity-looking diagrams written on him? Damn straight.

I'll bring to the party one papier mache robot, painted a (hopefully) uniform color of silver or light grey. Then over the course of the party everyone who wants to can decorate the heck out of it.

Decorate it with what? I'll bring some stuff, notably some sharpies of various colors (for the drawing of interesting stuff on the robot) and a hot glue gun or two (for the sticking of decorative items onto the robot). I'll also bring some items that can be stuck on him. I hope that you will too!

So, what might you bring? You probably will have better ideas than these yourselves, but here are some things I thought of:

- Small bicycle pieces, especially reflectors (for eyes and other decorations?)
- Television antennae and the like (robots have antennae, don't they?)
- Silverware, maybe? (Robot is currently handless and cannot pick things up or destroy all humans or anything!)
- Gears from an old windup alarm clock?
- Metallic or other colored yarn or shoelaces to simulate wires?

Here are another couple of pictures of the robot-in-progress:

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