Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

pawsox parenting

I went to a Pawtucket Red Sox game today with cgoldfish. The game was disappointing, but, man, there was some AWESOME PARENTING going on in the row behind us!

At one point there was an announcement that since this was the last game of the season, there was going to be some sort of celebration after the game.

So one of the kids asked if they were going to stay and watch it.

The father said that he wasn't sure, that it probably wasn't going to be that exciting and it wasn't like the players were going to do a song and dance or anything.

The mother was a little shocked by this and said, 'You should be encouraging them! We're raising the next generation of baseball fans here! Do you want them to be sports fans or do you want them to be ballerinas?'"

At another point, they were discussing friend dough, and the mother promised that they would have fried dough for dinner sometime this week. But the kids wanted fried dough immediately, so she had to explain, "No, we can't have any friend dough now -- mommy spent all her money."

Also, one of the kids kicked me in the back kind of hard at one point.

They were still more entertaining than what was going on on the field, though.

The end.
Tags: empire stories, pawsox, providence

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