Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

Providence Street Painting Festival next weekend

Chris Monti has booked The Killdevils (which is to say me and him) to play at the Providence Street Painting Festival next weekend on Saturday September 17 (rain date the next day). We'll be playing from 5 to 6 pm. Chris will also be playing a solo set for a half hour starting around 2:45.

I had never heard of this festival before, and maybe you haven't either, so here's the scoop (as communicated to Chris in an email from one of the festival organizers).
The 6th annual Providence Street Painting Festival is taking place at the Bank of America City Center (aka Fleet Skating Rink) in Downtown Providence on September 17 (rain date 9-18). For more info go to www.providencestreetpainting.com. The proceeds from this fundraiser sponsored by the Providence Rotary Club will go to Hurricane Katrina victims. About 20,000 people attend the day long family event. Artists from all over paint in chalk. The chalk drawings are judged by a panel of professionals and cash prizes are given. There is also a People's Choice Award that goes to the artist with the most votes. Mayor Cicciline gives out the awards at about 9:30 pm. Live entertainment of all varieties will entertain all day and night and there will be plenty of food and beer and softdrinks. Admission is free.
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