Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

Musical craziness

First, the reminder:

Chris Monti and I will be playing at the Providence Street Painting Festival on Saturday September 24 (postponed from last weekend), weather permitting.

Assuming the lineup is the same as it was supposed to be last week, Chris will be playing a short solo set at 1:30 pm and then he and I will play together for an hour starting at 5 pm. It will be at the Bank of America Skating Arena downtown (the same place as roller derby). The festival seems like a neat idea and worth checking out.

Next, the bad news:

I had booked my cousin David to play on October 1 (along with me and Andrea Lafazia) at West Side Arts. Unfortunately, he won't be able to make it.

Finally, the good news:

djswifty a.k.a. Stephen Swift a.k.a. MC Copulation has agreed to step in and play that night. West Side Arts hasn't given their signoff on this substitution yet, but if all goes well (and I am crossing my fingers, which makes it difficult to type) he'll be making his Providence debut, which will be really awesome if it happens. Watch this space for updates!

Also, I need a haircut.
Tags: solo

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