Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

OK, a few details before I go to bed

because as predicted I am starting to crash. Tiiiired!

I think there were a total of about 20 or 21 people there (including me and the other performers), a mixture of friends of mine, friends of djswifty's, relatives of one or the other of ours, and some other miscellaneous people (my downstairs neighbor, etc.). I think that this is quite likely the most people who have ever been in my apartment at the same time!

I went on first and did about a dozen songs, mostly originals (or songs where someone else wrote the lyrics which I then set to music). Watching Killer Robots Eat Your Head was a big favorite, and "Pumpkin, Mrs Farnsworth" also got a nice reaction. The set list was something like this:
  1. Waterbugs
  2. Kitten Knitting Blues
  3. Ezra's Song
  4. Watching Killer Robots Eat Your Head
  5. Tear My Stillhouse Down (with Chris Monti on backing vocals)
  6. Hybrid Car (with Chris Monti on harmonica)
  7. Molesting Yarn
  8. I'm A Guy
  9. Pickle Postcards
  10. "Pumpkin, Mrs Farnsworth"
  11. Walking Stick Making
There was a little break, and then Chris Monti played a set for 45 minutes or so; he had me come up to play the piano on a few songs ('Me and Curby', 'The Local Expatriate', and 'Leaving In The Morning'). Then it was MC Copulation time. His parents were among those attending, so he was entertainingly embarassed about singing about his penis with them there.

Having the show in my apartment worked pretty well. MC Copulation was in danger of colliding with one of the light fixtures (because he's over six feet tall), but he didn't, so that was OK. I sort of made a mess of distributing the chairs, but people figured out their own solutions to this problem.

Also, I made some CDs this morning of random recordings I've made over the past couple of years and sold five of them for $5 each. I have a couple left over.

My wrists feel totally fine right now for some reason. Who knows?

At the end of the night djswifty carted away all my old MST3K tapes, so that's one less thing I have to find room for!

Anyway, it seemed like everyone had a good time. I certainly did!

Sleep time now. Good night!
Tags: set lists, solo

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