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cgoldfish birthday hat!

A while ago, cgoldfish strongly hinted that she would like me to make her a hat from Weekend Knitting which I had previously made for a friend's newborn baby. The book had the pattern sized for adults, too, so this seemed doable ...

Not long after her birthday we went to A Stitch Above and she picked out a couple of new merino colors for use on the main part of the pattern. I had worked on a couple of alternative designs from the ones given in the book (which had hearts and stars) and she picked the one of those that she liked also.

From there it was pretty easy to knit the hat up ... although I did make a mistake at the end which was almost disasterous, but I managed to recover. Anyway, here are some pictures of the hat by itself and modeled by Marvin the Paranoid Android and the meerkat. I confess to thinking that the Marvin picture is almost unspeakably cute.

Marvin wearing hat



Anyway, I'm really happy with how it came out, and I look forward to giving the finished product to cgoldfish the next time I see her.

Tomorrow I go to Massachusetts where I will give my nephew his birthday stuffed robot. (He's turning two on Thursday.)
Tags: hat, knitting, pirates, robots

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