Jacob Haller (jwgh) wrote,
Jacob Haller

Election report

My mother was reelected with about 56% of the vote, 1123 to 852. (I believe there are 19,000 registered voters in District 4 of Worcester, so turnout was as pathetic as usual, unfortunately.)

Things heard by me while I was standing on sidewalks waving campaign signs:

"Daddy, does that sign say 'Barbara Haller'?" (said by a little girl to her father)

"I should take that sign home and light a fire with it." (The sign was plastic, so this seemed like a bad idea.)

Around 7:30 I was on Main Street in Worcester with my sign and a guy walking down the sidewalk yelled to me, "George Clinton! Vote for George Clinton, man!"

He got near to me and I said, "George Clinton, huh?"

"Look," he said, "are you getting a job or something? I mean, did they say that you'd get a job carrying these signs? Because, I mean, unless you're getting a job or something from doing this there's no reason you should be out here."

"Well," I said, "she is my mother."

This stopped him for a moment and he looked impressed. "You're blessed, man. You're blessed." I thanked him and he continued down the street.

After he'd gone ten feet or so, he paused and said, "That doesn't mean she's going to win, but you're blessed."

"Understood," I said, and he continued on his way.

George Clinton!
Tags: empire stories, mom, worcester

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